What Is Functional Programming?

London Functional Programmers

Functional Programming is the future, it’s the next wave of software development, its a sane foundation - but what is it? It can be to get at the nub of what functional programming really is, and explain it to your fellow developers.

This talk takes a look at the essence of functional programming, from the point of view of jobbing programmers trying to ship better software today. By taking a down-to-earth view of its essence, we can build up an intuition for what FP is, how it can improve your software today, and how you can navigate to a saner code-base.

ClojureScript - Architecting for Scale

Clojure Exchange 2015

User interfaces are often the most complicated part of your system: they’re a mirror of all the ideas in your backend, plus they need better presentation, better error-handling, and a seamless overall experience.

But the most complicated part of our systems often suffer with the weakest tools. This talk looks look at a modular, scalable architecture for frontend apps - one that uses the design insights of functional programming and the solid foundation of Clojure to stay sane in the murky realm of the browser.

Elm at a Hackathon

GeoDev Meetup

At GeoHackDay 2015 I built a navigation app, winning prizes in 2 out of 5 categories. Elm was my secret weapon. In this talk I breakdown the app, and what Elm did to make my life easy.

Slides coming soon

Elm is Coming

London Functionals

A fast look into Elm - what it is, what it looks like, and what big ideas it has that we can take into other realms.


Elm for Real Work

Functional Web London

Covering Elm’s recommended app architecture, how it works in practice, and how & why it will scale to very large, modular apps.


ClojureScript from Scratch

Functional JS London

A fast introduction to ClojureScript, held at the Guardian.


The Most Fundamental Idea In Programming

Clojure Exchange 2013

Clojure and SQL Rethought

London Clojurians

Introducting the thinking behind Yesql - the Clojure/SQL bridge which has grown to become one of the most popular database-access libraries in the Clojure world.

How To Start A Hack Night

Hacked at the O2

Bare Bones Navigation

Vim London

Vim project navigation using only the default installation. Learn some tricks & tips for finding your way around.

Working with SQL in Vim

Vim London

Protips on how to work with SQL in Vim.

A Walking Tour of Clojure’s History

Clojure Exchange 2012

The heritage of Clojure & the history of Lisp, squeezed mercilessly into 30 minutes. Delivered at ClojureExchange 2012, SkillsMatter, London.

Introduction to Angular

Google Bootcamp Sarajevo 2012

A Google-sponsored AngularJS training day, in Sarajevo.