Our Total Quality Approach to Software

Here at CueCorp Ltd. we have a total approach to software Quality, experimenting with every possible angle to maximize shareholder value.

Our Quality Insurance department collects a regular monthly premium from our developers. In the event that bad code gets released to production, the devs put in a claim and get sent a cheque to cover the cost of fixing it. Premiums are climbing, but we have high hopes for this innovative, market-driven approach to Quality.

Our Quality Assurance department wanders around the office daily, talking to devs, managers and all other staff, confidently assuring them that the software will work. We're not 100% sure of the value of this, but we checked the dictionary and it confidently assured us that that's what 'assurance' means.

Our Quality Ensurance department is our most successful arm. Though their remit is wide, they take every angle and every opportunity to ensure the quality of our software. By writing test suites, by training our devs, by explaining the value of refactoring to our management team, by working with our architects to choose simpler and more reliable tools - there is no approach they won't try to ensure that they ensure what they're supposed to ensure.

Obviously, Quality is our highest priority, and our structure is an ongoing experiment. If you care more about software Quality than labels, rest assured (ensured? insured?) there's a place for you here at CueCorp!